CategoryFocusCriteriaBenefitsVoting rights?Membership renewed annually?Cost p.a.
Free MembersEvery individual (e.g. parent, teacher, student practitioner, etc) who wishes to access online resources.Submit online application form; provide biographical data.1)Free access to online resources;
2)E-mail notifications;
3) Information on cognitive training events.
CategoryFocusCriteriaBenefitsVoting rights?Membership renewed annually?Cost p.a.
Premier MembersSerious practitioners, educators and academics who wish to advance the field of cognitive education1)Submit extensive online application form with Resumé;
2)Membership considered by sub-committee (as appointed by IACE management committee). Key considerations:
3)How will the applicant’s area of practice and/or academic work advance cognitive education? To what extent is application aligned with the vision, mission and values of IACE?
4) Membership approved only through confirmation letter from management committee.
1)All benefits available to free members;
2) Discount (10%) for IACE conference, symposiums and colloquiums;
3) Discount (5%) for IACE training initiatives;
4)Option to access IACEP membership (with additional cost), which includes access to the Journal for Cognitive Education and Psychology (JCEP);
5)Voting rights.