A future filled with hope through better thinking and learning.

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About IACE

IACE is a non-profit organisation that provides easy access to useful and theoretically sound information; enabling you to develop the thinking and learning of those in your care. The goal is to help you to help yourself and others! In the midst of a rapidly changing world, our vision is to give you, and those you care for, hope and access to a better future. The Institute for the Advancement of Cognitive Education therefore invites you to become part of our community.

The Opportunity

If we live in a world today that is often volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, what kind of thinking and learning skills do we (and our children) need to create a future that is filled with hope?

The Blog

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IACE operates in collaboration with the International Association for Cognitive Education and Psychology (IACEP), and functions as the recognised body that promotes IACEP’s endeavours in Africa.

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© IACE | All Rights Reserved