Description Documents
Berenice Daniels. Wisdom in Diversity. Harnessing the Contribtutions of all to improve Educational Outcomes
Heila Jordaan. Language-in-Education in South Africa – Some Plain Talk
Katherine Greenberg. Meeting the Hidden Needs of Learners
Belle Wallace. TASC. Thinking Actively in a Social Context.
David Martin and Lilian Lomofsky. Instrumental Enrichment Research Projects in South Africa
Mary Grosser. Nurturing Habits of Mind among Prospective Teachers – New Directions for Schools of Tomorrow
Louis Fourie. Homo Contextus – Neuroplasticity in the Digital Era
Vine Petzer. The Extent to which Teachers Create Classroom Climates that Nurture the Development of Critical Thinking Skills
Stef Esterhuizen. Optimising Cognitive Capacity through Mediation
Heila Jordaan. What Teachers need to know about Language
Jane McIntyre. Growing Thinking Schools in South Africa