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I am a passionate occupational therapist (B.OT; M.OT; PDME) with four decades of clinical experience. I specialize in metacognitive therapeutic intervention and learning health for older primary school learners, high school learners and tertiary education students. I always strive to empower my clients with knowledge, skills and a mindset for REAL Thinking and Learning to BE MORE ©. I am a dedicated life-long learner and a certified trainer in the mediation of thinking skills via the Cognitive Enrichment Advantage Approach (CEA) as well as Thinking Maps and has been trained in various other approaches for developing thinking skills. I have done extensive training of professionals in the past two decades in various provinces in South Africa regarding the development of executive function skills, metacognition, thinking skills and learning skills. I have served as a board member of The International Association for Cognitive Education (IACESA) for nearly twenty years, I am a Past President of IACESA as well as a founding member of Thinking Schools South Africa (TSSA). Due to personal health issues I have developed a keen interest in functional medicine and incorporate my knowledge of this field into my work with clients and during training events. I am a registered occupational therapist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and a member of The Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa.